New Climate/weather pattern has emerged

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Some people are confused about whether or not mankinds activity can have world wide changes to our environment.

Let’s lay out what we know, look at the evidence so we have so far…In short lets look at the pictures. Nature VS man made, hard to tell… Read first, think later.

Sometimes the news service point to some islands going under or sinking and then claim that the melting polar ice is making the oceans level rise. It’s quickly pointed out that the Islands are near very active tectonic subduction zones and are being dragged under by those forces. By the same token there are areas where islands are rising from the sea bed faster than others. For eaxample if you look at the Caribbean seafloor it’s less than 200 meters deep in some places between the islands and those islands are being pushed up by tectonic forces. Click on link to see Earthquakes on Caribbean area. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.php

A good example of this are the islands located on -20 Lat -175 Lon

If you want a better image send me a link

On the other hand here is a copy of a very old document made by The American Geographical Society for the State Dept on 1943. If you look at the legend you’ll clearly see the area marked as permanent sea Ice. This was area that had ice all year round as far back as 1950 Consider who made this map, when and for whom.

Now let’s take a look at a 2005 satellite picture of the North Pole region. As as I wrote before let’s look at the pictures. After all a picture is worth 10K words.

This is the most recent polar picture we could find...2005

This leads us to consider another picture our planet… at night time.  A lot of people look at this picture below and say, ‘Ohh, how pretty.’ I look at it and see, it’s really is pretty. But I also see a planet on fire. A planet with rivers of fire. Most lampposts on the picture are burning at temperature of 572 degrees or 300 Celsius, do you think this has any effect or no effect at all?

The best way to reduce these rivers of of fire is to install motion sensors

How many of us remember the easy bake oven? You could bake cookies with a 110W bulb. Now multiply that by 5000 million light bulbs burning for 9 hrs per night…The real fast solution to be rid of these rivers of fire is to retrofit these light posts with motion sensors.

When most people look at the pictures of the north pole ice cover and the graphs of the Ocean charts, nothing registers and no conclusion becomes evident to them. Now let’s take a look at the Ocean jet Stream otherwise known as the Thermohaline Circulation.

See that convergence point in the North Atlantic, where the warm waters return South as a cold water current? That convergence point no longer exists because the permanent Ice cap is no longer blocking the Ocean current flow northward. As a result, logic dictates that the old current measurements and placements on the 1943 map need to be redone specially in the Mid North Atlantic.

The consequenses of the rise in temperatures with a new ocean current flow in the North Atlantic Ocean is the following. Super storms like the one this past October over the US will become the new normal. Because of this drastic change in the THC model, rainfall will and has changed in central Europe/Asia resulting in news such as this, Bears dig up graves to eat the bodies. All this might explain why recently desert around the world are receiving rainfall.

The point of this posting is to put a few thoughts together and perhaps give a few readers a little food for thought.


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