How to defeat Red light cameras

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It’s my firm belief that cities and municipalities have become monsters that exist only to perpetuate and benefit a selected few, those in power and their children. Why else would judges need a union? [http://www.iaj-uim.org/ ] Better working conditions right?

The excessive demands from municipal union with ever increasing retirement benefits make the cities and counties ever more creative in ways to squeeze money out of the few who are not able to leave this country.

As you read the previous post regarding the use of imminent domain will understand this writer’s point of view. http://abrahamsays.blogspot.com/2010/09/are-red-light-cameras-illegal-use-of.html

A friend who lives in south Florida told me he came upon a traffic intersection full of cameras, Pembroke Pines & I75 to be exact. He saw that one of the cameras was pointed not at the back of licence plates but rather at the the stopped cars in front of the foot wide fluorescent stripe. That one camera is there to tell the computer take a picture of this plate and give it a ticked this driver blocked the intersection, the crosswalk.

They are going to teach every one of us lesson not to stop the car over the wide stripe when stopping for a red light. At this time two companies are behind the push for every municipality to install these red light cameras. One is Arizona the other in Australia, They are busy implementing these red light cameras across the usa and the world. You really have to curse the English for having invented this idea.


I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in America there is a thing called imminent domain  and the fact that these companies are taking 65% of the money for themselves constitutes an illegal use of imminent domain, because the money taken through the used of said property leaves the municipality.

The real problem with these red light cameras is their in your face don’t step over the line attitude. They reduce the time of Yellow lights to 4 seconds or less. They lobby and bribe the local goverments and more.

Don’t kid yourself eventually even failed states like Somalia will implement these red light cameras.

As it was written before there are ways to beat these red light infestation. Some companies that feel the same way you do and have taken the initiative to produce products to defeat this red light camera Idea.

One makes a plastic dome. Another makes a louver type thing. But my favorite is the company that makes a transparent spray laced with crystals.

Read what police officers about this here. http://forums.officer.com/forums/showthread.php?153070-photo-defeating-license-plate-spray.

He/she complains about the unreadable plates. The link to the company that makes the blocker spray http://www.phantomplate.com/photoblocker.html

Here is a agreat site that compares products…

Here is another company that makes the same spray. with some really T.V. coverage video…

On the interest of of disclosure this author believes that tolls must be paid and road rules and laws should be observed and followed. What is going to be done? A can of the spray that is mentioned on the News sites and webpages will be purchased and tried out.  Since we have a toll pass we will check to see if the correc toll is deducted with that spray or not… come back for a full review.


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